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Belly Dancing, the New Wave

There is a resurgence of interest among people in the United States and Europe in the ethnic dance known as belly dancing. To prove this, one needs only to turn the radio on and listen to Shakira or Britney Spears to know that this dance form, whose origins to this …

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Key Digital Trends that will Change Music Industry

The influx of technology has helped music industry to experience digitization process, and this has made the work of musicians easier. The industry has seen a fall, rise and even being revolutionized as the key musical instruments have undergone a drastic change. The sound music is created in the present …

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Know About Vital Role of Music in Arts Education

Music plays a vital role in educating children as it helps in the early development of child’s social, emotional, intellectual, physical and psychological life. The music helps children at an early stage to value the life and to engross them in creativity. However, in the present times, it can be …

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