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Exclusive Range Of Advantages Of SSD Hosting

The world revolves around computers, laptops and mobile devices. Not one chore seems to be done without the use of this electronic marvel. These machines handle large volumes of your day-to-day data, did you ever wonder about its storage capacity? Gone are the days of traditional desktop computers that used to have a spinning disk with a read/write head. We have the SSD now, which is a non-volatile (that which does not require continuous power supply) storage device that stores data on semi conductors. Your data is not lost when power is disconnected. Unlike the olden days’ hard drives, there are no moving parts involved in solid-state drives. They are completely electronic unlike their mechanical counterparts.

SSD is a type of computer storage device. You will come across them in high-end desktops and laptops and they are widely used in large business organizations. The storage space provided to access all sorts of data on your web site over the internet is called web hosting. SSDs are very fast at retrieving data giving your web site an amazing speed. Thus, everybody is choosing SSD hosting over HDD hosting.

There are several advantages of SSD web hosting. Some of them are summarized here:

  • Faster data retrieval: Web hosting with SSD maximizes the system performance. With no moving parts, the data retrieval get many times faster.
  • Speedy loading of website: SSDs speed up the loading of a website. Sometimes, the speed is up to 6.0 GB / s.
  • Increased upload time: Users have a rich experience with instantaneous response time.
  • Capable of handling greater traffic: SSD drives can handle a huge number of website visitors without shutting down.
  • Accessible data after end life: When the SSD crashes, you can still access the data.
  • 9% uptime: Uptime is defined as the time for which the server has stayed up and running. It is calculated in percentage and 99.9% is the best uptime any company can provide. Not all companies have the technology to match up to this criterion. Dedicores.com is an exception to this, whose servers are operating all the time.

To experience the best SSD hosting service, look for a provider, which offers competitive prices. Some companies offer both HDD and SSD services at the same price. If it is a good offer, lose no time to grab it. Any good web hosting provider in SSD offers money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their services, the web host should ideally give easy money-back.

A reliable provider like Dedicores.com offers the latest web hosting services with different plans to serve your varying needs. Be it web hosting for small sites, for growing websites or huge websites with a lot of traffic.

SSD hosting clearly has an upper hand in web hosting. Though it is a somewhat newer technology, sites hosting SSD are offering a much better user experience already.

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