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A Complete Review On The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In

Cryptocurrency has gained a lot of talk in the town, mostly among technical geeks considering its impressive security features. This is so secure and intruders find it almost impossible to sneak in and interrupt the flow of these coins. Came into scene in the year 2009, it took almost 2-3 years for it to make a real mark. The first among the popular ones to make the biggest mark of the lot is Bitcoins or BTC and the popularity and demand of the same cannot be simply penned up in word. For all these years, bitcoins have stood in the highest position and holding a title of being the best cryptocurrency to invest in for a long duration of time.

Some Popular Cryptocurrencies Forms

Lucky are those people, who did purchase some set of bitcoins, way back during its initial phase, are now licking lips considering the mountainous growth it has increased ever since. All credits for these people, who showed a trust and hope for the growth of these coins to the extent, where it is today. With bitcoins and its success story in one side, there are other forms of newer cryptocurrencies, which are showing great progress and eventually end up in being one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in like below:

  • Ripple: Ripple occupies the second position, exactly after bitcoins on holding the number of transactions and takers alike. This works as a transaction protocols to control encrypted payment methods with a remarkable low fees. With top investors and clients eyeing the payment methods in the future, it will not be surprising if it overtakes bitcoins in few years down the line.
  • Ethereum: Ethereum is a fully decentralized mode of cryptocurrency, which runs in custom-built blockchain applications and interfaces. Unlike Ripple, Ethereum is well set up with customized wallets and other secure forms of money accepting schemes. Growth wise, Ethereum has seen one of the steepest shoot-ups from 10 USD to 480 USD in one single year of 2017 itself. Thus, there is no turning back for this well settled cryptocurrency for climbing up the top of the money table in few years’ time.
  • Bitcoin Cash: Bitcoin Cash or BCH is a derivative of BTC, and a special creation from the Bitcoin Core platform that supports higher block size and figures. In terms of incredible growth, bitcoin cash has seen a steep increase of 6x from its initial listed price and is expected to topple Ethereum, with its constant flow.

With so many new and tested options, it is up to the investors to seek an extra eye on projecting a detailed growth study for the next few critical months, which could see the make or break of the cryptocurrency industries. Although beating down bitcoins, looks a little bleak at this point of time, yet the growth of the rest completely depends on how well the market will respond in the upcoming time. Thus, to choose the best cryptocurrency to invest in will be an interesting choice for the investors.

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