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Taj Mahal: The Crowning Glory of India!

Taj Mahal was built by the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The monument was built in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj after her death. Shah Jahan loved his wife so much that he wanted to empress his love towards his wife to everyone. He built the fascinating Taj Mahal, under which lied the tomb of Mumtaj. The Taj Mahal is situated in Agra, the town in Uttar Pradesh state.

The monument was built with white marble, and is the unique symbol of the architecture. The Taj Mahal is among the wonders of the world and has made its own record. There is only monument of this kind in the whole world; but there are many replicas.  The Taj Mahal is situated at the bank of river Yamuna. The water body and the garden in front of the Taj Mahal make it so beautiful, and eye pooping. This major attraction of India, attracts many tourists through out the year. The tourist not only from India, from across all over the world, come to visit and admire the beauty of Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal looks most beautiful on the full moon day. Many people wish to visit the Taj on the full moon day, so that they can witness the actual beauty of Taj. This symbol of great love is really adored in evening when the moon rises up. The lawn and its greenery with the fountain add into the beauty of Taj. The sound and light show is also arranged to admire the beauty of Taj. The Taj remains closed on Friday. The architecture of the Taj is so beautiful and magnificent that it is really the unique symbol of Islamic art and architecture. It is said that when Taj was finished, Shah Jahan called up all the architects and cut their thumb, so that there could not stand another Taj Mahal ever.

The magnificent monument of the Taj has very unique history. It is said that more than 10000 workers worked night and day to build Taj. The tomb of Shah Jahan too lies beside the tomb of Mumtaj. Well the place is in the basement and is restricted area to visit. The Indian government is trying all its best to maintain the beauty of Taj and preserve this symbol of love.

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